Novarossi Mito 4

Is a new engine 2017. Novarossi have introduced the Mito 12 World Champion engine. Novarossi MITO. 21 Off-Road Engine (Turbo) (Ceramic) $349. 21 4-Port Off-Road Engine (Tuned) (Steel). Novarossi Mito 4 OffRoad Motor 21. disponiamo di ricambi, batterie, variatori, motori, ecc. 21 9-Port XLong Stroke On-Road Nitro Engine, with front and rear Ceramic Bearings. The Novarossi Mito 4 features the exclusive, patented shifted carburetor and rear ball bearing design, an improved cooling head and updated 3 needle carburetor. NOVAROSSI MITO4OFFA - REVISIONATO 3. The new ceramic ball bearings reduces the inertia of the rotating masses and increases the irrigation of the engine. The 15th annual Novarossi Trophy was held at the iconic Automodellistico 5 Colli track in Gubbio, Italy, host of the 2016 IFMAR 200mm Nitro Touring Worlds. Novarossi's engines offer their patented shifted carburetor that has a better mixture flow through the crankcase for improved fuel efficiency and an optimized power curve. 21 MITO 35 GT 2017 5 Port. The images refer to the new product. Novarossi Mito 4 Tuned 4-Port Off-Road Engine (Turbo Plug) (Ceramic Bearings) Create an Account. Adam Drake is on Facebook. The special shape and positioning of the ports, covered by a patent, improve the internal fluid-dynamics to obtain the maximum possible performance. 200 RPM Bore x stroke : 15,88x17,60 mm Sleeve : 4 ports